Best SEO Tactics

The average number of searches people conduct on any given day is more than 2.2 million. And this is just on Google, to say nothing about the other search engines. With such massive numbers, showing up on the front page of a Google search can be the most important factor that can decide the rise and fall of your thriving business. Here is when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is the art of your website ranking high on a search engine page in the organic listings, when a search takes place for a certain keyword.

According to latest SEO statistics for the year 2020, the figures state that Google’s search algorithm considers 200 plus factors to rank websites. High Quality Content and link building are the two of the vital factors used by Google to rank your website for any search.


57% of the marketing executives say that, On-Page content development was the most effective SEO trick, for past couple of years.

Google remains somewhat secretive about exactly how they rank the websites for a search. But a lot of SEO experts all around the world are continuously analysing and rankings and come up with their survey/research results now and then. One of the best ways you can optimize your website is by being aware of the current trends in SEO, results of researches taking place and the Statistics.

After going through various studies conducted by established SEO Experts, We have compiled some of the best and most effective SEO tips and tricks for your website :

  1. Improve your website speed:

Firstly, remove anything that slows down your site. Website page-speed is one of the most critical factors for SEO. Page Speed is important not only for users, but also for search engines. 40% od people abandon a website that takes more than 3 s to load. And once a website shows poor performance, the user is never likely to return back to the site in future.

  1. Link out to valuable sites:

Link to other websites which have relevant content is one of the most basic strategy SEO experts use. Also, if you expect other websites similar to yours for inbound links, you will have to link out those sites from your blogs first. Linking to pages that offer good value is a good SEO practice. You must also reach out to trustworthy sites and encourage them to link you in return.

  1. Quality Content rather than keyword dumping:

Quality content is the most important criteria to improve your Google rankings. The website/blog content needs to be written in a manner that can generate the reader’s interest rather than just dumping keywords in your articles. Bulk usage of keywords, in irrelevant areas of your blog, just to improve your SEO is an old method and if you are still prioritizing that, you need to change your mindset. Content driven and engaging blogs and website should be your prime focus.

  1. Analytics:

When you are implementing various SEO strategies, it is important to understand and analyse what is working and what is not. You can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console software solutions, which can help you track and analyse the traffic and user engagement on your website. You can then accordingly modify your SEO plans, and implement what may work best for your site.

  1. Meta Descriptions:

Well written and creative meta-descriptions are highly ignored. They play a major role in SEO. Duplicate meta-descriptions matching with any other site can result in your loss as search engines do not prefer duplicate descriptions. Try to keep it unique and creative.

  1. Use Meaningful URL’s and step up your Social Media game:

Use a meaningful URL for your blog post. The URL should have memory value and easy to type. It should be search engine friendly. Be creative and active on your social media, as indirectly, it has a huge impact of your website ranking and traffic in the long-run.

These are the tips you can start with and you’ll definitely drive more organic traffic to your website and can improve your rankings without any worry about a Google penalty. Focus on quality content which is unique and fresh, follow the SEO tips mentioned above, and you will acquire better leads, and a quality customer base for sure.

Hope you found this blog insightful !