How can a personal website help you, step up your career game !

Creating a unique identity of yourself highlighting all the skills and calibre you possess is very important in the Digital age to stand out from the crowd and create an impact, not only in terms of career but also socially.

Most of us, have a feeling that a piece of paper can never define the complete you. These contemporary tools and methods of showcasing your attributes and calibre will soon be outdated. In this fast-growing competitive job market, all the job seekers will have to be at the top of their game in order to land at the right place.

One answer that addresses all these points is building and developing your personal brand through a Personal Website. With all the tools and software available in current times, it’s not at all a cumbersome task anymore to develop your personal website. Let us further understand the importance of having a Personal Websites and the set of benefits it comes with.

1. Gaining a Competitive advantage

A personal website can showcase a huge portion of your personality through a lot of factors and can also give you a greater edge over your competitors. It can help you showcase you holistic personality to the world and hence gain a competitive advantage.

2. Will boost up your chances of landing a job

In such a large pool of eligible candidates and such a huge pomp and show to land into a right job, a personal website can showcase your ideas, talent, skills and personality in a genuine and a noticeable way. It will definitely increase your chances of getting noticed by the prospective employers and hence help you land on your dream job and career goals.

3. Dynamic as compared to a resume

For every next job application, you always need to make changes to your resume according to your job application and that is a cumbersome process, On the other end a Personal Website will not only be dynamic and easy to update but there is a lot more scope to showcase your entire personality in a creative manner.

4. In the process, you acquire new skills

In this process of personal branding and creating your own personal website, you get an opportunity to acquire many important skills. You learn some technicalities of Website Development, you can build your networking skills and learn some marketing skills as well. It is a good platform to showcase your creativity and innovative thinking.

5. Enhances Visibility, Makes it easier to connect

Chances of making larger number of connections increases with a personal website. It makes easier for you to connect with the right audience to grab the right opportunities as well as, it also becomes easier for your prospective employer to know you and connect with you.

6. Showcases your Creativity

The basic skills which almost all the jobs in the current times demand is creativity and innovation. With such a fast-changing and rapidly evolving competitive job market, not only your technical and hard skills will matter, but your soft skills, creativity and your ability to adapt to change will also play a huge role in landing you a job or an opportunity.


Now that you must have been definitely convinced of the idea of building your personal brand through a Website, read further to know about some must-haves on your personal website :

1. An Elevator Pitch highlighting the most important things about you and some of your biggest achievements. (Avoid putting up your life-story on your website)

2. Include glimpses of your best works.

3. Include details of where you are over the web. (Link all your professional social profiles)

4. Include a great professional writings or blogs.

5. Add some testimonials that prove your worth and validate your skills.

6. Mention your goals and aims for the future.